Vermont Exam Team Remote Exam Application

There are 3 steps necessary to get a remote ham radio exam:

  1. Pay the required $14 fee. Your exam enrollment is not considered without this
  2. Enroll using this form to pick a primary and secondary exam date
  3. Register your information for a specific exam date


  1. Exams are offered only on the days and times shown below.
  2. Don't sign up if you are not ready to take the exam!
  3. Don't sign up here if you are, or plan to take an exam session with a different group.
  4. Go to to pay the required, nonrefundable $14 exam fee. Be sure to click on "Send".
    This fee is required by the exam coordinator. It cannot be waived. There are no discounts. There is no enrolling to "save" a spot.
    We are like a gas station. Pay before pumping. In other words, "No pay, no exam".
    Make sure you see the confirmation from PayPal before proceeding.
  5. Fill out the form below and indicate a first and second choice of exam date. Dates are not always available, especially if you enroll late in the week.
    We will offer you an exam date, based on available slots.
  6. You are responsible for receiving your E-mail correctly. MAKE SURE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT. Be sure you use your primary address, and not some secondary address which you do not check. Check your E-mail often. And be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder. We will reliably send out the exam invitations, but we have no control over where it ends up!
  7. You will receive an email with your exam date and a link to register. Do this RIGHT AWAY. Others can take your spot! Once we fill up a session, it is closed and you will have to register for the next session.
    Upon successfully registering, you will receive a confirmation from ExamTools that you have registered along with a 4-digit PIN number. When you have the PIN number and confirmation from Paypal, you are in the session.
  8. About one day before your exam, you will get an email with the Zoom meeting ID and password for the exam.
  9. Read the above directions again and be sure to follow them!

City:     State:
Phone:     E-mail:

Which Class of License are you seeking:

Call sign (if you have one):

Have you listed yourself on the wait list of another exam group:

Your First Choice of Exam Date
    Mon 4/19   6:30-9PM   EDT
    Mon 4/26   6:30-9PM   EDT

Your Second Choice of Exam Date
    Mon 4/19   6:30-9PM   EDT
    Mon 4/26   6:30-9PM   EDT

Any other comments or information:

When you are sure that all of the information is correct, then click on SUBMIT.   ONLY CLICK ONCE!
You will immediately get a confirmation screen that the enrollment has been submitted.