W1AW will be on the air from Vermont from:

0000 Wed March 29
2359 Tue April 4

corresponding to:
8:00 PM Tue March 28
7:59 PM Tue April 4

The LAST HOUR of W1AW/1 Vermont will be streamed!
Go to https://www.youtube.com/@DrDX/streams
and click on "Live" starting at 7PM EDT Tuesday night April 4.

This is approximately when and where we will be active.
Be sure to check back often and check the DX cluster before you get on.

UTC EDT Bands/Modes
Tue 1400 Tue 10AM 20CW
Tue 1600 Tue Noon 15CW 20PH
Tue 1800 Tue 2PM 20PH
Tue 2000 Tue 4PM 20PH 40DG
Tue 2200 Tue 4PM 20PH 20DG 40PH

Confirmation with W1AW/1 is ONLY via Logbook of the World. No paper QSL's are available.
Be sure to accurately log your QSO and upload to LOTW.

The W1AW/1 Vermont Operators
AA1SUPaulEssex, VTChittendenFN34
K1ARRArtGraniteville, VTWashingtonFN34
K1MZMAlanMontpelier, VTWashingtonFN34
K1ZKZachS Burlington, VTChittendenFN34
K9JYScotFranklin, VTFranklinFN34
KE1VTKevinMiddlebury, VTAddisonFN34
KK1LRonJericho, VTChittendenFN34
N1CFOErikBurlington, VTChittendenFN34
N1SPRandyBennington, VTBenningtonFN32
W1EATTomBurlington, VTChittendenFN34
W1SJMitchEssex, VTChittendenFN34
W2HDIArnieStowe, VTLamoilleFN34
W4YFJBobEssex, VTChittendenFN34