VAOT Technician Ham Radio Class
Tuesday, December 13, 9AM-2PM

Things you need to know.
Please read carefully.
This information will be updated daily.
Update: Dec 12, 2022

The Video Class

  1. Please be sure to finish the On-Line Course. Today is Monday, December 12. You have 1 day to complete the course. Please submit quizzes no later than 5PM. After that, you will not get results until just before class starts. You need to go through all 42 lessons, 6 reviews and successfully completed the 3 quizzes to complete this work. If you do not finish, it will be much harder to do well on the exam.
    .... By the way - no dropping out! You have a great opportunity here so be sure to work through it. Failure is not an option!

  2. Be sure you have a proper location to take the video course on December 13. Your room should be free of distractions and set up so you cannot be disturbed. Phone calls and text messages should be disabled. No one else wants to hear your phone ring!

  3. Your computer should be set up to run Zoom. For best results, go to, set up a free account and download the small helper file onto your computer. Your Zoom performance will be much better this way than just using Zoom through a web browser. After this is all set up, join your personal meeting room and verify that your camera and microphone work. Cameras are required. I need to see you. This is an important piece of classroom training.

  4. The Zoom meeting ID is 532-682-839. Or else, the direct link is: Don't bother connecting now - there ain't no one home! Please connect to the meeting at 8:45 next Tuesday. This will allow 15 minutes to clear up any technical issues. The class will start promptly at 9:00.

  5. There will be a break at 11:45 and a shorter break around 10:30. Use these times to replentish food and drink or take bathroom breaks. Have food or snacks available during class so that you can eat or drink as needed. The class will end around 2:00 and can run longer if there are more questions to be covered.

The Exam

  1. The exam for the Technician Amateur Radio license will be given on-line at 3-5PM, after the class. We hope to test up to 24 students in this session. The remaining students can opt to take their exam Wednesday morning or later that week.

  2. Remote exams are somewhat more complicated than in-person exams.
  3. When do you want to take the exam? I need to know this today - Monday!!
  4. The exam registration will ask a bunch of questions, all of which must be answered and answered correctly! If you mistype your email address, you will not get any results! You will also be directed to go to the FCC site to register for an FRN (Federal Registry Number). This is required. If you already have such a number (i.e. if you have a different license with the FCC) you simply need to produce that number.
  5. Upon successful completion of the registration process, you will receive a 4-digit pin number and I will be alerted. I will then schedule your time block in the session. If you have a preference for a time (i.e. early or late), please let me know directly at I will then provide you with the Zoom link for the exam (which is different than the class link).

The License

  1. After you PASS the exam, the system generates electronic paperwork, which is forwarded to the FCC the next morning.

  2. The next day the FCC will contact you via email with the results and give you instructions on how to pay the $35 license fee. Sadly, there is no way around this, and no way I know of to get someone else to cover the fee, except for later reinbursement. The license is good for 10 years, so you shouldn't have to deal with it for a long time!

There is a lot of stuff here - almost as challenging as the exam itself. Please read through everything a few times, and be sure to ask questions if you don't understand something. Check back often, as this information changes daily.