HAM-CON is February 27, 2021, 8AM - 4PM EST, 1300-2100 UTC
Located at: HAM-CON.ORG

Please pre-register for HAM-CON 2021 to be admitted to the event and to be entered into the drawing for door prizes.
There is NO admission fee!

Information collected here will NOT be sold nor shared with anyone else.
It will only be used to identify registrants to HAM-CON 2021 and to provide a point of contact, if needed.

First Name:      Last Name:  

City:                 State:  

Your E-mail:      Phone number:  
Please provide an e-mail and phone number in case we have to reach you during the Convention

Screen Name:   
Please enter the name you wished to be called, and your call sign, if you have one


If you are not selling, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "submit".


Please provide this information ONLY if you plan to be a vendor or plan to sell at HAM-CON

Business Name:  
Please provide your business name, or callsign, if you are an individual

Sales Tables:    1    2    3    4
You will need to provide a camera for each table, or a way to pan the camera between tables

Sales Hours: 
List the times you will be "open" for business. Sellers are required to be open at least 4 hours between 8AM-4PM EST.

Payment Methods: Credit Card PayPal Venmo Square Other
Be sure to exchange private financial information electronically or by phone!

DeliveryMethods: Pickup Local Delivery Will Ship Other
Pickup or shipping to be agreed upon between buyer and seller

Vendor's E-mail:      Vendor's Phone:  
Please provide an e-mail and phone number for buyers to contact you directly


Click on "Submit" below.

Check over your responses then click on SUBMIT.

You will immediately get a confirmation screen that the registration has been submitted.
Your name and call will show up on the HAM-CON list of registrants in a few days after receipt of your registration.
Vendors will be invited to provide a short list of items for sale which will show up on the Flea Market Portal.

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