Vermont City Marathon 2015

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And they're off! Relay pass at Battery Park. Bob KB1WXM working hard at Staniford Aid Station.
Battery Park Aid Station with Medical in background. Volunteer's eye view of Battery Park Aid Station. Kathi K1WAL had the able assistance off Miss Vermont at Battery Park.
John KC1DIJ at Foster Aid Station. Foster Aid Station. Bikepath-North Ave Aid Station - worst RF location on course!
Scott W1ZU at Beltline South Aid Station. Beltline South Aid Station - caution: two-way traffic!
At left, Paul K1PJM at Leddy Bikepath Aid Station. The Leddy Parking Station can be seen at the left in the distance. Another view of Leddy Bikepath Aid Station.
That's the 145.32 repeater antenna on the highest building in Burlington. When not wrangling the Pickup Bus, Bob KB1FRW helps install the repeater.
Steve KB1IVE, Jay K3BH and Mitch W1SJ ready to serve you at Net Control. Post race party with Bryan KB1OAH, Chris N1CCL, Mitch W1SJ, Steve KB1LVE (standing) and Steve KB1IVE and Debbie W1DEB (sitting).

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June 2, 2015