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Mitch W1SJ

To be honest, as it is getting colder out, we doesn't have much happening in the next few months. There are a few things we are looking at, but we need everyone's ideas.

Obviously, we will not be able to meet as a group. But, is there interest to have a party on Zoom? If we are on line, we can have it any time - even in the evening, since no one will be traveling. Snow and darkness is not an issue. Interested in a Friday or Saturday night? That would be possible since we will not have other parties or engagements happening. Where will the food come from? The simple answer: any place you like. We all have the option of rolling our own, or ordering out. Debbie and I have been ordering out from various restaurants and eating outside all summer and fall. This would be a great opportunity to try something different from a different restaurant. But how would we do this on line? We could start the meeting as a large group and then break out into "breakout rooms" where we all can have smaller discussions. We can move from room to room, much like one would move from conversation to conversation at a live party. The only issue is that someone (i.e. the meeting host) would have to serve as moderator and actually move folks in between rooms. At some pre-determined time, we would start eating, either as a large meeting group or in breakout rooms. And, of course, we can do shack mini-tours, share screens, show pictures and or videos.

The questions which need to be asked and answered:

  1. Is there are core group who wants to do this?
  2. What day, date and time would work best?
  3. What particular format should be used, if anything?

This discussion will be brought over to the RANV Reflector for group discussion. And the good part - RANV members and our friends from all over the country can join in without any travel issues. Please consider if you want to do this and join the discussion.

Depending on how this discussion goes, we may use the same format for the Winter Breakfast in January.

Currently, while things are quiet in Vermont, the virus is still out there and anyone who is careless around someone infected runs the risk of becoming infected themselves. Europe is facing a severe outbreak right now, so it is still real. It doesn't look like this thing will be going away in a few months. Unless some miracle comes along soon, it is highly likely that HAM-CON cannot be a live event. Plans are starting to come together to make HAM-CON into a virtual event. But our plan is to not just be any virtual event, but to be the best one out there. This next month, I am looking for people with vision to put together this show on-line. In December, we will start planning the operation in earnest. This will be challenging, to say the least, but we have the potential to build a show larger than our live shows in the past. Is this something you are interested in? Please do join with us in the planning part.

We have been having the monthly meetings and Steering Wheel meetings each month, in addition to smaller gathering on the nights when we doesn't have formal meetings. Sadly, the interest and turn-out has been dwindling. Why? Many of us do not work and have limited interaction with others. One would think that there would still be plenty of interest in meetings. There certainly isn't a plethora of people on the air either. If you are busy doing a lot of different things, this is understandable. However, what I hear is that people, in general, have little to do and are bored and frustrated. If that is so, join in on the meetings and on the air. For your well-being, the key thing to do in these times is to engage with others instead of going it alone. And the key thing to keep amateur radio healthy is to BE ACTIVE. Make no mistake - we are under assault. Our 9 cm band (3456 MHz) will likely be stripped from us, and the FCC is planning for $50 license fees. We do not help our own cause by sitting back and doing nothing. The active club members wrack their brains out each month coming up with cool programs. But if these meetings get a paltry response of 10 people (out of a club membership of 100), folks will simply not want to work hard to put this shows on.

Unlike other clubs, we do have activities coming up. They are different, but they are activities nonetheless. If they are not your cup of tea, speak up and tell someone what we should be doing instead. Get involved!



We activated at Niquette Bay State Park K-3136, Sunday at 11AM. Conditions were challenging due to interference from an unknown source. This problem had been present at prior activations at Niquette Bay.


Duane WL7CVD, Secretary

The monthly RANV meeting was held September 8th at 7 PM. The meeting was held via Zoom. We had 3 speakers present a range of topics followed by discussion.

  1. Grounding And Bonding: The Essentials - Ward Silver, N0AX Ward gave us an overview of grounding and bonding in the ham station. The presentation covered AC safety, lightning protection, and RF management with an emphasis on HF.
  2. Cycle 24, Solar Minimum and Cycle 25 - Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA Carl reviewed solar Cycle 24 progress, discusses propagation at the solar minimum, and shows the predictions of Cycle 25 which has just started. Yes, the bands will get better! Pictures from Niquette Bay.
  3. VP6R 160 Meters: Mutiny on the Bands! - Glenn Johnson, W0GJ Glenn was part of the ill-fated January, 2018 3Y0Z DXpedition where bad weather and a damaged engine scrubbed the operation. How does a group deal with this ultimate depression? Why, they go on a different DXpedition, this time to the warm climate of Pitcairn Island where they put VP6R on the air.

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