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The October 8th RANV Meeting

Our October 8th meeting will feature a video talk by Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC from the Nashua Amateur Radio Club (NARC). Like many large clubs, NARC was losing members for a number of years. Over the last few years, NARC has had a resurgence, with a growing and very active membership. This club received an award from the ARRL and was featured at this year's Dayton Hamvention. Fred will detail a number of the steps they took to interest young people, grow the membership and include many varied activities. We can certainly benefit from some new ideas on how to come up with new activities and more members. Fred will be joining us live from his shack in Southern New Hampshire. Be sure to join us Tuesday night!


Duane WL7CVD, Secretary

There were about 16 in attendance. Club president, Bob KB1FRW called meeting to order at 7:05 PM. The meeting ended at 8:55 PM.

This month's presentation was a group discussion. The topic was, if you had unlimited money and time, what would you want to do with your amateur radio hobby. The following are some of the ideas that were tossed out (I did my best to capture all ideas). Get a K4, a 1500 watt amplifier, a giant mast antenna, and a generator on a freighter and go to an island in the Pacific for a dxpedition lasting one month. Since money is no object, everyone is invited. Talk to friends on ships, explore solar power. Bring back Heathkit (and consider having a meeting devoted to building a kit). Build a vintage AM station, possibly with an old radio on hand. Put up a great antenna for crystal radio and see how much you can get out of it. Learn about TV and radar. Build an antenna-powered digital watch, getting the power right off the antenna. Build up code speed. Build a basis for a new antenna tower. Move to where a big antenna farm could be installed. Figure out how to control propagation. Go to Mt. Athos, an enclave in Greece, become a monk there, and set up a super station. Do more on 220 meters. Get involved in ongoing discussions with other clubs, look around for new people and give every new licensee a radio. Launch a satellite station. Explore the possibility of a time machine.


Duane WL7CVD

I thought our September meeting was quite enjoyable. It was fun to get to hear from everyone in attendance about their dreams for amateur radio. People seemed interested and some delightful chit-chat was intermixed with the free flow of ideas. We got to know each other a little better. But I confess I had an ulterior motive when I proposed this as a meeting topic. I was hoping that one person considered a far-off dream, another person would have specific advice for how to carry that dream to fruition. Well, that happened at least once. I expressed an interest in learning and using Morse code. Dave, KC1APK told me I should sign up for CW Academy, an online training program that teaches what you need to know for using Morse code in the real-world. Thanks to David's recommendation, I checked out their website, and now am signed up for their class in January and February. That's perfect time for me because the sailboat will not be tempting me away from learning and practice. Thank you, David, for that excellent recommendation.

New Hams and Upgrades

KC1KUV David Ewell Essex Jct. upgrade to General
KC1LXX Nathan Tremmel Colchester Tech
KC1LXY Brennen Schaefer Essex Jct. Tech


George KC1JGM

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