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Tuesday, October 9th at 7 PM

Our October meeting will feature a video night.


Mitch W1SJ

We've just completed the activation of Waterbury Center State Park last weekend. Conditions were rather poor, especially in the afternoon, but we still managed to put 484 QSO's in the log with a good deal of DX stations in Europe worked.

We are planning three more activations this season, so if you want to check out an activation, be sure to plan now!

On Sunday, October 7, we will activate Brighton State Park along with hams from Newport. This park is in Island Pond, deep in recesses of Essex County in the Northeast Kingdom. This will definitely feel more like a DXpedition for us!

Saturday, October 13 is Near-Fest in Deerfield, NH. Be sure to make plans to attend! On the way back from Near-Fest, a few of us will be stopping at Mt. Ascutney State Park for a Saturday afternoon activation. If you will be down there, join us!

Our final planned activation will be Little River State Park on Saturday, October 20. This park is just on the other side of the reservoir from our Waterbury activation. It's only a quick 45 minutes away - perfect for an activation late in October.

We hope to see more of you at the Vermont Parks On the Air visits. You can read about our previous activations, see pictures and videos at


Mitch W1SJ

After the last upload to Logbook of the World (LOTW) I decided to check on the totals of the various call signs I upload for RANV.

Call      QSOs      QSLs      DXCC      States   Years
W1NVT   101380    21657       100/91     50       18
W1V       3053      878       100/60     46       7
W1PU      6206      863         -        49       10

The club call sign W1NVT is used during Field Day, Vermont QSO Party, park activations and occasionally at HAM-CON. W1V is used at HAM-CON and some of the picnics. If we combine the DX for both W1NVT and W1V there are a total of 100 countries confirmed, qualifying us for DXCC. The call sign also has 50 states confirmed on both phone and CW. In fact, we are only 8 shy of 5-band WAS, needing just 1 state on 80 meters and 7 states on 10 meters.

I have just uploaded the GOTA logs using W1PU from 2009 on. LOTW shows 49 states confirmed - missing just Montana. Oh, we've worked MT many times from the GOTA station, but it appears that NONE of these guys upload to LOTW. Bummer!

In the Vermont Parks on the Air program, we have just completed our 22nd activation with some 10,503 QSO's in the log. The call signs used include W1NVT, W1V and KB1WXM. If we include the 5 National Park activations in 2016, the grand total is 27 activations and 15,085 QSO's. Wow!


Paul AA1SU, covering

The September 11 RANV meeting was called to order at 7 PM. Bob KB1FRW tried to start the meeting out on the front porch because it was such a beautiful evening. However, Mitch W1SJ went indie to set up his topic, and another member followed him in, so Bob moved us all inside as well. There were about 12 Hams in attendance. The club secretary was not in attendance, so I volunteered to take notes, but without a pen and paper. Bob bought up the fact that past president Brian Riley was not in good health and that his wife Sara W1SLR needs help liquidating his ham radio items and Basic Stamp kits. Some discussion followed without reaching a firm resolution. However since then, Bob has posted a solution on the RANV Reflector.

I got up and spoke for a moment about September 11, 2001 and the RANV meeting that didn't happen. I was the club president at the time, and looking for a meeting topic. In the months preceding, I had befriended a co-worker who was also an Air Traffic Controller. I convinced him to give us a tour of the Air Traffic Control Tower for that meeting. However, the plan fell apart a few days before the meeting because my friend's boss told he had to be present, and he was not able to do so. In the end, we arranged for a different topic. All that changed on that fateful day. The new presenter contacted me during the day, and said that he was too upset to make the drive up from Waterbury, and I couldn't blame him. So the meeting was canceled. I called John N1LXI to have him put a notice on the front door of the O'Brien Civic Center, and word went out on the repeater, and reflector. I believe that this was the only meeting ever canceled.

For the presentation, Mitch told us of his adventures setting up Field Day style ham radio stations in the fields of Germany for the WRTC 2016. This is a competition that takes place every 4 years, simultaneously with the IARU World Championship contest in July. Mitch had lots of pictures and funny stories to tell. He also got to work some of the stations from back at the hotel. I myself worked a few of the special call sign stations from home, mostly on 40 meters.

At the end, we all gave Mitch a nice round of applause. We then headed for the snacks provided by George KC1JGM. He baked up some interesting goodies for us. As usual, this was accompanied by lots of chatter about various topics. I forget who volunteered to bring snacks for the October 9 meeting, but you know who you are.

October 12 & 13

Paul AA1SU

NEAR-Fest is an international event run by and for all radio hobbyists and enthusiasts, including "hams", short-wave listeners, scanner buffs, vintage/antique radio fans, etc. NEAR-Fest is held twice annually, spring and fall, rain or shine, at the Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield NH beginning on Friday at 0900 and ending Saturday at 1500 hours.

Admission is $10. Persons under 18 and over 80 are admitted free of charge upon presentation of government-issued ID. Inside parking is available for $10 and includes a "reasonable amount of flea market selling space" for PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS selling their own personal property.

Overnight camping, trailer and RV hookups are available. Three food vendors provide meals and snacks at reasonable prices. At the Fall event the Deerfield Community Church ladies serve up a breakfast that has to be consumed to be believed. Angelino's offers hamburgers, steak, sausage submarines and other great "fair food" specialties and Patty's Polish Kitchen menu features wonderful "Mitteleuropa" cuisine. No one goes hungry at NEAR-Fest.

Driving Directions:

- Navigate to Manchester NH via Interstate 93.
- Look for Exit 7 - Highway 101 East. Signs say "Seacoast", Portsmouth, etc.
- Follow Highway 101 East for 6.9 miles to Exit 3 Highway 43.
- Turn RIGHT at the top of the ramp. Look for signs to Candia. Watch for the LEFT turn as Highway 43 splits off towards Candia/Deerfield.
- Follow Highway 43 for 6.3 miles. Fairgrounds are on your right.
- Total mileage from I-93 & 101: 12.9 miles.

More information can be found at the NEAR-Fest official web site.

CONGRATULATIONS - New Licensees and upgrades

KC1KHP Adam Newkirk (Williston) GENERAL
KC1JAW Richard Bragg (Burlington) GENERAL

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