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NEXT MEETING: February 14, 2012 - MOVIE NIGHT

We are exchanging our March Movie night for a Fab Feb Movie night. Since we do so well during Field Day, it is appropriate that we check out other high scorers and maybe get some tips. In 2004, W3AO ran a massive Field Day effort. They entered 50A, which was the last time that a 50A entry was allowed. Why? Maybe they "stretched" the rules a little. Maybe a lot. The video goes through how they set up a multitude of antennas and stations, and shows some operation. The best part is how they did the 50 part. Hmmmm, if they really did. Need to watch to find out what really happened.

And then... we chew and chat. Join us!


For HAM-CON 2012 we are pleased to announce our guests and forums!

Gordon West WB6NOA will be at HAM-CON 2012. Actually, he will be appearing live in his ham shack in sunny California while computers and servers across the county will work hard to send video and audio in both directions. Many of you know Gordo - he is the author of the ham radio study books which at least half of us have used. The talk will focus on what's new in Ham Radio, cover what bands are best for new hams and will also feature a show and tell. Gordo is quite the showman and you won't want to miss it Look for this at 11:30 in Forum Room 2.

Joel Hallas W1ZR is well known as "The Doctor", as in "The Doctor Is In" which appears every month in QST. Last year he joined us electronically, and we are working hard to keep the snow away so that he can be live with us this year. In addition Joel will also do a talk on how he combines bands on a signal antenna -without traps or tuners! Look for Joel at 9-11 in Forum Room 1.

Everyone who comes to HAM-CON uses a cell phone and a computer at some point each day. And we have Forums to deal with these items too! John Grow VE2EQL will talk about the many Ham Radio Applications one can use on an iPhone 4S. Heck, using Echolink, you don't even need the transceiver! And while we all use computers, many of us still a befuddled by them. Pine Computers and Mike Ferland will talk about the latest trends in computers and tricks of trade when it comes to maintenance.

Tropical Storm Irene is still a hot topic in Vermont. At HAM-CON, we'll get to hear about the response by Vermont Emergency Management and all the problems they had to deal with during and after the storm.

Operating on Ham Radio is rarely boring. There is always something happening. The Ham stories one collects over a lifetime can be quite enriching. This year, we present, "Sounds of DX" which includes stories of chasing DX (and being chased by DX) and other silly ham pursuits on and off the air. Stop by and have a bunch of laughs!

These forums, plus the ARRL Forum, Video on the Biggest Ever Field Day, multiple demonstrations and hundreds of hams doing what they do. You don't get to play unless you present yourself Saturday Morning, February 25th at the Holiday Inn for HAM-CON 2012!

Full Forums Schedule and other HAM-CON details are at:


Drop-off cash/pick up “stuff”!

Use your “RANV Member Benefit”! No charges or fees, just label and drop, and come back for your money. Cut & tape these labels to your sale item(s) and fill out the Manifest to leave with Table Attendant. Remember: HAM radio-related only (no CB, cell phone, etc), must be in working or repairable condition (indicate problems on tag), and no junky-junk! Any questions, call 349-0214 or email


The USA Science & Engineering Festival, a grassroots collaboration of over 500 of the US's leading science and engineering organizations, is the country’s only national science festival, and was developed to increase public awareness of the importancE of science and to encourage youth to pursue careers in science and engineering by celebrating science.

The Festival, April 28-29, 2012, in Washington, DC, will unleash the imaginations of the next generation of discoverers with inside information on what it takes to travel to the moon and Mars, as well as the future of space travel for the masses. Festival-goers will interact with several members of the space community, including people who have traveled into space as private citizens and leaders from companies who hope to make space tourism more broadly available. And ARRL will be there.

“The hands-on learning of ham engineers, the ability to talk to the ISS, satellite communications and even the moon and meteor bounce all contribute to a lively display of Amateur Radio and space,” said Allen Pitts of the ARRL. “We will be working closely with our presenters, volunteers and partners to ensure that we’re bringing the excitement of this field to the public. ”Richard Garriott, W5KWQ - whose father is former NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL - a presenter at the upcoming Festival, became the sixth private citizen to travel to space in October, 2008 when he traveled aboard the Russian Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft to the International Space Station as a self-funded tourist. While on his 12-day journey in space, Garriot conducted several experiments, took photographs and communicated with students. Garriott’s Festival presentation will focus on what he thinks space travel will look like over the next 20 years, as well as how anyone with a passion or vision can achieve his or her dream, including space travel.

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