February 25, 2012

Wide angle panorama of the Vendor Room. For reference, the windows are to the left and KJI is back, center-right
Another wide shot of the Vendor Room.
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Giant pile of goodies offered up by KJI Electronics K2AUO had an dazzling display of stuff!
Serious hamfesting going on! Roger of Webster Communications, a regular at HAM-CON.
Front lobby of HAM-CON 2012. Front view of HAM-CON 2012 Admissions.
Warren K1BKK pays the admission as Debbie W1DEB is always happy to receive money. K1BKK checking out KB1IVE.
Possible captions:
1. "Is that an HF Transceiver in there?"
2. "Oh I see you are in the second trimester!"
The W1V Special Event Station. John KB1MAQ running DX at W1V.
Mike N1FBZ setting up at the Tech Table. Activities going on in the Activities Room. W1V can be seen in the back corner.
Rob W1RVT and Bob W4YFJ in front of RANV table undoubtedly talking about emergency preparedness. John VE2EQL converting Hams into iPhone users!
Gordon West at HAM-CON via Skype Magic. Gordo on the Big Screen!

Pictures by W1SJ
Camera by K1WAL

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March 9, 2012