Welcome to the new world of remote ham radio testing. We are honored to administer ham radio exams for you.

We offer exam appointments each week. Read everything here and in the exam requirements. Read it twice so you are sure you know exactly what to do. Appointments are in heavy demand, so make sure you correctly follow all the details for a smooth exam.

1. Remote exams are NOT for everyone! Make absolutely sure you meet all requirements regarding computers, equipment and Internet connection. Please go to for full details.

2. Only sign up with ONE Exam Team! We offer specific appointments. Other teams may offer a large session where you wait in line for a long time to be tested. Choose the team you want, but please only choose one. Making and then cancelling appointments results in more work for us (we are all volunteers) and it denies others hard-to-get exam slots. Please be considerate of others.

3. Make sure you are ready to NAIL THE EXAM. You need to score over 90% on at least 8 different exams to be sure. Testing often results in anxiety where students do not do as well as in practice, so you need to aim higher. We can only test ONE applicant at a time. Failing an exam results in wasted time of the examiners, and a wasted exam slot when someone else could be earning a license.

4. Sign up for an exam session when you are ready to take the exam. We do not maintain a waiting list for future dates.

How to reserve an exam slot?

1. Go to and fill out the application. Based on your preference and exam availability, an exam date will be offered to you.

2. Immediately after filling out the form, go to to pay the exam fee. This $14 exam fee is required by the VEC (coordinator). Be sure include a note in Paypal clearly showing your name. Please only use a funded Paypal account or fund Paypal with a credit card. Do not use a bank or check transfer, as this takes a full business week. This fee is non-refundable, so make sure you complete all steps to take your exam.
An application without payment will NOT be processed!

3. When an exam date is offered to you, ONLY use the link provided to you to go to the register site at Hamstudy. Click on the link at the bottom which says, "Register". Then provide all of the required information carefully! If you mistype any information, that is the way it will show up in the FCC database! The FRN is required. Do not leave this blank!

4. Be sure to complete the registration PROMPTLY. There are a limited number of appointments, and when that is reached, you will not be able to register and will get bumped. Check your mail OFTEN!

5. When all is complete, you will receive confirmation on your exam appointment in a few days.

6. Around 18-24 hours prior to the start of the exam session, you will receive an E-mail with details on how to join the exam session and other last minute information.

Again, please read everything again and be clear on the procedure. Fixing registration issues takes a lot of time.

Direct questions or issues to

Thank you for allowing us to help you enjoy Amateur Radio!